To become a professional trader it's like going on a trail, you need to reach certain stops before your destination:

  1. trading 101: you learn what the markets are and what trading is
  2. beat the markets with trading systems: you learn what trading systems are (and what are not)
  3. master the code & go live: you learn how to code the language of trading system
  4. trading systems supremacy: you learn the method to develop effective trading systems
  5. trading system evaluation: you learn when to trade and when not to trade your strategies
  6. mastering position sizing: you learn how much capital to put at risk in each strategy
  7. portfolio secrets + titan: you learn how to put together and harmonize a portfolio of strategies

Then there are other programs (e.g. cracking volatility): you diversify your trading by studying the peculiar characteristics of certain (types of) markets

If you want to study trading seriously you need all these 7 pieces of the puzzle, sooner or later, also based on your results... 

So whether you study with us, with others, by yourself, or do nothing at all, you can understand that learning to trade (as any other profession) is never-ending... and the more your study, the more skills you have, the better results you can get.

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