Why not?

It's business, there is an opportunity out there to offer my experience, an expensive experience worth much more than the price it is sold, why should I forget about it? I've been asked many times to offer some education of this kind and at last we decided to structure it the way you see it, working on it professionally to get a proper benefit for the time invested. It is not about money, not in trading and not in this business, it is always about the business itself measured with money. If you start trading to make money you will probably fail, if you start because you love it you will possibly make money enjoying yourself, take this advice from me (it's free): don't consider things for money, money is only one of the consequences.

I do trade and I do teach, I actually spend more time currently on developing this online material simply because my automated systems work without a direct action from me, yet I monitor all of them all days and I add some new systems from time to time. To teach is a source of income as many others but I consider this only as an additional source of income and for no reason I would stop trading to focus on education only. 

Hence, even if I prefer trading than teaching, many guys out there do the opposite, so your question is totally legit.

I hope you become a successful trader if you love this business and then I hope to see you perhaps in the future offering paid education based on your success.

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